An intro of Linksys Range Extenders

The Linksys range extenders are popular for increasing or expanding the range of existing wireless signal of the router. If you have a large home or an office suite then your main router may not be able to cover all the area. For this thing, Linksys extenders are the best to use. They have the capability to extend the range of any router to reach every corner of your home. And not to worry about the Linksys extender setup as the setup of the Linksys extender is easy through its browser interface.  is used to enter into the setup page of the extender. We will discuss the setup of the extender below.

Linksys Extender Structure

Before that, you should have some knowledge about the structure of the Linksys extender. On the top of the Linksys extender, you will see the LED lights for power. On the side of the extender, you will see WPS push button and a reset button. The power switch is also on the side panel. Ethernet port is on the bottom of the extender. You will also see the product label on the bottom of the extender. The product label shows the login details, the model number and various other things.

Amazing Features of the Linksys extender

The latest Linksys extenders include external antennas. External antennas are helpful in expanding the range more. The beamforming technology embedded in the extenders make them more powerful. By this technology, the signal is transferred only to the specific device accessing the internet. It makes the signal understand which device needs more signal strength and transfer accordingly. If you have a dual band extender then the device streaming videos or playing online games will receive the signal from 5 GHz band and the device sending emails or browsing the internet will receive a signal from 2.4 GHz band.

The Manual setup that is setup through requires some technical knowledge. There are some easy methods also to setup the Linksys extender. One of them is through WPS push button method but this method can be applied if extender as well as router has the WPS push button. You have to press the WPS button simultaneously on both devices and the setup is done within 2-3 minutes. Here, we will discuss the Linksys extender setup re 6700. The steps can be applied to any of the Linksys extender model.

Linksys extender setup using

Follow the steps to install the Linksys extender manually.

  1. Place your extender in such a way that it should be within the range of the main router. So that it can take the signal from the router and extend it further. Plug in the extender in an electrical switch.
  2. Wait till the power light becomes stable. After that, connect to the Linksys extender setup The setup process starts automatically. If it does not happen, launch an Internet browser and type

There is a feature available in the Ex 6700 called Site Survey. Now, we will discuss how to use Site Survey. setup

How to Use Site Survey?

We firstly need to tell you what this site survey is. Site Survey tells you about all the nearby access point and routers. It provides a screenshot of all the devices. To change the settings of the site survey and for a deeper understanding of this feature available in Linksys router, we are explaining all the fields and how to alter the settings.

  1. Login into the management page of your router model through the browser interface of the router. It is very easy to use the interface provided by Linksys. Go to wireless tab then Site Survey.
  2. The options you can change here are explained below.
    1. Select: you can connect to both the bands here. Make sure to connect with 2.4 GHz band as well as 5 GHz band.
    2. SSID: The network names of available network or neighbouring networks.
    3. GHz: Radio bands of surrounding network in GHz are shown in this field.
    4. Signal Strength: It provides you the data about how strong the wireless signal is that you are receiving from the main router or access point.
    5. Security: the security features and encryptions used by neighbouring networks are shown in this field.

Pass through power outlet

Your range extender takes space on the electrical outlet. So, if you want to plug in something and you want that outlet for that then you can’t be able to. To do so, you have to plug the extender out. But this is not the case here; there is a power outlet available on the extender itself. You can supply power to any device through that.

Cross band feature

By using this feature, the Linksys extender is able to switch between 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band according to the usage. When a user is sending request for email sending or browsing then 2.4 GHz band got selected automatically. If the request is for playing a game or video then it needs more frequency. Therefore, 5 GHz band got selected by the extender.

Problem 1: Range extender cannot get connected

Problem 1: Range extender cannot get connected

Solution: The position of the extender should be optimal. During the setup, you have to place the extender near to the router. After the successful installation, you can shift your extender to any other place. But make sure the new position is within the range of your wireless router.

There should be no metallic objects, reflexive surfaces near the extender as these objects are responsible for weak signal. These objects do not let your signal cross through them.

Problem 2: You are not able to access your range extender

Solution: In this case, may be you are connected to someone else’s network. To check, go to network icon located on the taskbar. It will show a list of available networks. Find the network name of your extender and click on the Connect button. Then it asks for a security key if your network is secured with one. Enter the security key and you will be connected to your extender to access the internet.

Problem 3: If you get discontinuous network.

Solution: Plug out the range extender and then plug it in again. Wait till the status LED light turns solid green. You can also change the position of your extender to resolve this issue. Place it midway between router and black spot.

Problem 4: Wifi coverage is not proper or not up to the mark.

Solution: Change the position of your extender’s antennas. Put left antennas parallel to the extender or horizontally. And put right antenna in the upright direction. You can also do vice-versa. It all depends on which position you get better wireless range.

If you get any issues while the during linksys extender setup like not opening or while configuring the extender then feel free to contact our support team through live chat window. Our technicians have knowledge of each and every router and extender. So, capable of solving any issue related to them.